Building Your Own Wind Turbine

Published in Wind Farms on 21st June 2016
Building Your Own Wind Turbine

If you’re looking for new ways to save on your energy bill, building your own wind turbine could be the answer. It’s actually a lot easier than most people think.

You can find most of the materials you’ll need at your local hardware store or online at sites like ebay or craigslist.

Before you start building your own wind turbine make sure you have the entire project planned out. You’ll want an open space that gets lots of wind. Somewhere out of the way. You’ll have to use ropes to tie down the turbine on 4 sides so you don’t want anyone running around and tripping over it.

As far as what you’re going to need, you can simply start by picking up some conduit pipe. This will serve as the tower; it can be around 10 ft. long so that your turbine is elevated off the ground and up high where it will have a clear stream of wind hitting it.

You don’t want any obstructions or large objects near your turbine or else it may reduce wind flow and lower the amount of energy your wind turbine makes.

Once you have the pipe for your tower you can grab some 2×4 pieces of wood, this will be your mounting, PVC pipe for the blades; you may also be able to find some real blades online (at auction sites) but they’ll probably cost more so if you can make the blades yourself, that’s the best way to go.

Now you’re going to need a motor and a piece of aluminum or thin piece of metal for the tail. These are the basic components you’ll need for building your own wind turbine.

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