New Wind Turbine Design Triples Energy

Published in Wind Farms on 3rd August 2016
New Wind Turbine Design Triples Energy

Green energy is still in its infancy, this means that new models and studies will be coming out all of the time that increases efficiency and gives you greater energy with less work.

Just as it happened with cars, television sets, phones, and many other things, these alternative energy designs will be evolving quickly overtime to get as much power as possible from renewable energy.

Although your best bet is still building the normal wind turbine design, it’s a good idea to keep up with ever changing green energy designs so that when you see something that looks doable, you can go for it. Who knows, one small tweak may save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bill.

Normal wind turbines extract about 50% of the winds energy. They’re also big and bulky; of course I’m talking about the ones built on wind farms. Homemade wind turbines are only about 10 ft. tall.

As I said earlier, don’t start looking to use this design for your own wind turbine, chances are it’s not available for home use and even if it was it would be incredibly expensive.

The point here is to keep up on new renewable energy designs because it can save you a lot of money.

Imagine not having to pay any electric bill because you generate enough energy to power your home just using wind and solar power.

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