Using Wind Turbines on Highways

Published in Wind Farms on 22nd August 2016
Using Wind Turbines on Highways

Wind turbines are usually put in open valleys or offshore where strong wind is plenty. Now, there are plans to even use wind turbines on highways to use the wind passing cars build up; now that’s resourcefulness!

Of course this is just in the idea stages there aren’t any plans to actually build these types of turbines any time soon but it would definitely be a good idea

The main area of importance is if the wind from the vehicles can keep the wind turbines moving throughout the day and even during the night when there isn’t as much traffic coming through. It’s important to always keep the turbines moving that’s why this idea needs more planning and testing before it can become a reality.

Getting renewable energy from every source possible is a great idea and good for the environment If there’s a source where we could possibly get some extra energy then it should at least be looked into and given some consideration.

Putting wind turbines on highways could generate 9,600 kWh on a yearly basis (info thanks to AutoBlog) and open up an entire new world for wind energy

There are thousands of highways just in the U.S so imagine these types of turbines on every highway in the country or on every major highway in the world… It makes sense because of all the new construction popping up… If we’re going to build over every inch of natural forests and valleys then the least we could do is give back to the environment a little.

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