Building Solar Panels At Home

Published in Solar Power on 14th June 2016
Building Solar Panels At Home

For most people, building solar panels at home seems like a difficult task. I thought it was going to be one big headache until I finally read all about it and found that it was actually quite easy.

Here are the steps you need to take to start building your own solar panel at home:

Solar Cells

The cells are going to be where the green energy comes from. You place them out in the sun, they collect the sun’s energy and convert it to usable electricity for your house. Solar cells can be expensive if you buy them brand new but you can usually find them used on auction sites for much cheaper.

Solar Panel

The panel is just a bade for the cells to lay on. The cells can be very flimsy so it’s good to give them as much protection as possible. Get a strong piece of plywood and make a frame, like a large picture frame so that you can set the cells inside nicely and they won’t move around and get damaged.

Copper Wiring

You’ll need to do some simple wiring; all of the cells come with conductive lines on them so that you can attach them all together; you’re going to need the copper wire so that you can connect the rows and then run the line out to a storage battery.

Storage Battery

This is to store the energy your solar panel creates. Depending on the size of your panel you may need more than one battery, they shouldn’t cost you too much, it’s basically like a car battery and you can probably find some at online auctions or classified ad sites.

Alright, once you have all of these materials you’re on your way to building solar panels at home. Just make sure to get yourself a good set of directions so that you get it right the first time.

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